• One child points as other children and a park ranger look in that direction.

    Kids in Parks

Learn and Have Fun With WebRangers

WebRangers is the online extension of the Junior Ranger program. It's a website for kids of all ages. If you love our National Parks, Historic Sites, and Monuments, then this site is for you. If you are new to our National Parks, we hope this site helps you experience how wonderful they can be.

Enter WebRangers
Young children dance in the grass while a Park Service Ranger plays guitar.

Let's Move Outside

Inspired by the Let's Move! Campaign, Let's Move Outside is a feature song from the CD "Songs for Junior Rangers" and features Erica Falls. Learn more »

Young children wearing Jr. Ranger vests and hats, dancing.

Be Happy! Songs for a Junior Ranger

What could be more fun and entertaining than singing to songs about your favorite national parks and becoming a Junior Ranger? Learn more »

A hand-drawn Earth globe appears behind a video-style play button.

New Climate Change Videos

Check out these Global Climate Change videos to learn the basics of an important issue that concerns people all around the world. Learn more »

A man in lobster outfit pretends to fight with a female ranger

Get involved! Join the Crayfish Corps

Grab your nets, high rubber boots, and head outdoors to help preserve important biological resources at Valley Forge National Historical Park. Learn more »

A large group of children sitting on grass are all pointing forward.

Family Fun Fest at Biscayne NP

Season 14 of Biscayne National Park's multi-award-winning program is almost here! New for 2014: Activities for Toddlers. Learn more »

A ranger stands next to a sign titled Nature Play Zone

New Nature Play Zone!

Comb the beach, build forts with your friends, create amazing sand castles at the new Nature Play Zone at Indiana Dunes National Park. Learn more »