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Accessibility Information

The Calumet Visitor Center has three floors of fully accessible exhibits. Many of our Heritage sites also have facilities or services that are wheelchair accessible.  Contact the site for more detailed information.
As a service to our visitors with hearing impairments, the Calumet Visitor Center  has been equipped with DURATEQ handheld assistive listening devices. The devices provide amplified sound for several exhibits and for the film presentation. The devices are available for check out, free of charge, at the Calumet Visitor Center information desk. Guest information will be required as a deposit. Arrangements to use a handheld device can be made by calling (906) 337-3168.


Did You Know?

A small memorial park in Calumet, Michigan where the Italian Hall once stood is for the 74 people killed in a stampede on Dec. 24, 1913.

Woody Guthrie's song "1913 Massacre" brought attention to a tragedy that occurred in Calumet, Michigan on December 24, 1913 during a bitter copper miner's strike. Reports claim that a shout of fire caused panic at a party at the Italian Hall. 73 people died in the stampede down the steep stairway.