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Park Planning

Below are documents and information related to park planning. All are available for download in Adobe PDF format. You will need the free Abobe Acrobat Reader software to view these.


Core Operations Report 2008-2012
Core Operations Analysis is a process designed to assist managers of National Park Service units in making fully informed decisions on staffing and funding alternatives. Parks are asked to identify the work and associated organizational structure required to fulfill the legislative purpose of the park. Secondly, they are asked to make budget predictions for the next five years based on historic budget data from the previous five years. The final step is to correlate that projected budget with the organizational structure.

Park Facility Plan
In July 2007, discussions between Keweenaw National Historical Park and the National Park Service, Midwest Regional Office’s Office of Planning, Communications, and Legislation led to a facility planning process in which the Park staff would develop an implementation approach to the broad facility prescriptions identified in the Park’s 1998 General Management Plan. The product of this process would be reviewed by the Office of Planning to determine whether the approach complied with NEPA and NHPA requirements. This report is that product: a planning supplement for the development of park facilities.

Did You Know?

A small memorial park in Calumet, Michigan where the Italian Hall once stood is for the 74 people killed in a stampede on Dec. 24, 1913.

Woody Guthrie's song "1913 Massacre" brought attention to a tragedy that occurred in Calumet, Michigan on December 24, 1913 during a bitter copper miner's strike. Reports claim that a shout of fire caused panic at a party at the Italian Hall. 73 people died in the stampede down the steep stairway.