• Across the Keweenaw copper was king.


    National Historical Park Michigan

Multimedia Presentations

Explore the many features of Keweenaw National Historical Park. These short multimedia presentations provide details on park places and stories. The videos average two to five minutes in length.

Open captioning is available for all videos published 2014 and later.

Multimedia Features
ranger "rock climbing"

Ranger not actually rock climbing

NPS Photo

Lava in the Keweenaw

The cold exposed bedrock in the Keweenaw had a fiery beginning some 1.1 billions years ago, but it is still affecting our lives today.

Running Time: 3:58 minutes


Ranger Karl "falls" in love with geoheritage.

NPS Photo

Keweenaw's Rich Geoheritage

The Keweenaw Peninsula has an extraordinary geoheritage. Join Ranger Karl Larson as he discovers what geoheritage is and how it applies to the Keweenaw.

Running Time: 3:36 minutes

kewe landscape

The Keweenaw landscape and Portage waterway in summer.

NPS Photo

Landscapes of the Keweenaw

Join us as we examine the ways mining has shaped the current landscape of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Running Time: 4:43 minutes


A Quincy locomotive sits outside the Engine House.

NPS Photo

Railways of the Keweenaw

Railways were essential to move people and materials. Learn how the railways of the Keweenaw have evolved over time, from the mid 1800s to the present day.

Running Time: 4:02 minutes


A Little Brown bat is examined.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Photo

Historic Habitat: A New Use for an Old Mine

Former copper mines have have become home to thousands of bats in the Keweenaw.

Running time: 3:39 minutes


Project Sisu at the beach in Keweenaw County.

NPS Photo

Project Sisu

Project Sisu occurred during the summer of 2013 and was intended to help area youth find sisu in themselves, each other, and the local community.

Running Time: 7:46 minutes


The Quincy Smelter in autumn.

NPS Photo

The Quincy Smelter: From Ore to Ingot

Within the Park's Quincy Unit, the Quincy smelter is the best remaining example of a turn of the 20th century copper mine smelting site.

Running Time: 3:45 minutes


The Calumet Visitor Center in downtown Calumet.

NPS Photo

The Calumet Visitor Center at the Union Building
Built as a lodge for two fraternal organizations in 1888, the Union Building is now home to the Calumet Visitor Center. Three fully accessible floors house numerous museum pieces, interactive exhibits and films.
Running Time: 2:17 minutes


Ranger Kristen Schmitt along Portage Lake near the Quincy Smelter

NPS Photo

Quincy Mine Site
Often referred to as Old Reliable, Quincy Mine was one of the longest running copper mines on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Learn about some of the features of this
extensive site.

Running Time: 2:40 minutes


Ranger Kristen Schmitt outside Quincy Mine's #2 Shaft-rockhouse

NPS Photo

A Copper Country Icon: Quincy Mine's Shaft-Rockhouse
Marking the entrances to the underground, shaft-rockhouses like the one remaining at Quincy Mine once stretched along the spine of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Take a closer look at this icon of the region's copper mining past.
Running Time: 2:25 minutes


Ranger Kristen walks along Mine Street with the Calumet & Hecla Warehouse #1 in the background.

NPS Photo

Remnants of Calumet & Hecla:
A Copper Mining Giant

Once the largest copper mining company on the Keweenaw Peninsula, Calumet & Hecla could not last after its copper fortune ran out. Join Ranger Kristen as she takes a look at the mine site and provides a brief overview of Calumet & Hecla's history.
Running Time: 2:52 minutes


Ranger Kristen discusses Calumet's history outside the Calumet Theatre

NPS Photo

Calumet: Queen City of the Keweenaw
Calumet's proximity to the Calumet & Hecla Copper Mining Company resulted in a thriving community during the mining heyday. Now located within Keweenaw National Historical Park, join Ranger Kristen as she gives an overview of the village's history.
Running Time: 3:19 minutes




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