High School Local History Smackdown Sample Questions

A night class is conducted for immigrants to the Copper Country in the early 1900s.

Immigrants to the Copper Country gather for a night class in the early 1900s.

Keweenaw NHP Archives, Jack Foster Collection.


Smackdown 2015 Sample Questions

Question: What are the native copper deposits found in cracks or fissures in the bedrock called?

Answer: Mass of fissure copper

Question: The largest mass of native copper ever found, weighing about 547 tons, was discovered in 1856. In which mine was this mass of copper found?

Answer: The Minesota

Question: During the U.S. Civil War, Congress made land grants to Michigan and Wisconsin to build a road between Copper Harbor and Green Bay. What was this road called?

Answer: Military Road

Question: In the 1840s, newcomers often hired mend with local knowledge to guide them around the Copper Country. Some of these men were of mixed French-Canadian and Indian heritage and had gained experience as fur traders. What were these particular men known as?

Answer: Voyageurs

Question: This railroad was built in 1889, and connected a particular mine with its stamp mills, located six miles away. Its initials were Q&TLRR.

Answer: Quincy and Torch Lake Railroad

Question: This railroad was called the "lifeline of the north country," and served almost the entire U.P. It had the initials DSS&A.

Answer: Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic

Question: This town was named after a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Answer: Hancock

Question: This Houghton County amusement park was built in 1902 to increase weekend ridership on the inter-urban street cars. What was the park's name?

Answer: Electric Park

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