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Keweenaw Voices

Logo for Keweenaw Voices, the park's oral history project.

To preserve and interpret the history of copper mining on the Keweenaw Peninsula, the National Park Service has recorded interviews with a variety of people whose first person accounts provide a glimpse into what life was like in the region. Our goal is to make these interviews available on the web so that you can hear history come alive through the voices of those who experienced it. This page will continue to grow as more interviews are conducted or others are converted to a digital format and added.


Our first interviews are being prepared for uploading to the web. Check back soon!

Did You Know?

Portrait of Alexander Agassiz

Alexander Agassiz, President of Calumet & Hecla Mining Company from 1871 to 1910, was the son of famed naturalist and Harvard professor, Louis Agassiz. Alexander's interest in copper mining was to fund his scientific travels. He became a specialist in marine ichthyology - the study of fish. More...