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Public Transportation

By bus:

Bus service is available year-round between Anchorage and Seward. For more information contact the Seward Chamber of Commerce.

By rail:

The scenic Alaska Railroad serves Seward in the summer months (May - September).

By boat:

Several cruise ship lines access Seward during the summer months.

By air:

Currently there is no regularly scheduled air service between Anchorage and Seward; however, charter flights may be available. Visit the Seward Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Did You Know?

resident pod of Orca whales

“Killer whales” or orcas are actually quite friendly and often inquisitive about humans. In fact, the group of “resident killer whales” pictured here feeds entirely on fish. Only “transient killer whales” eat marine mammals. No wild killer whale has ever hurt a human being.