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Guided Hiking

These companies lead groups for all experience levels on trips ranging from short hikes around Exit Glacier to longer hikes on the Harding Icefield trail and nearby areas. Companies in this category typically offer day hikes only. Multi-day trips are usually found under backpacking or mountaineering.

Visitors on the main, paved trail to Exit Glacier.

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Adventure Sixty North
P.O. Box 2487 Seward AK 99664
phone (907) 224-2600
email: adventure60north@gmail.com
internet: www.adventure60.com

Alaska Outdoors, LLC
P.O. Box 875649 Wasilla AK 99684
phone: (907) 357-4020
fax: (907) 357-4022
email: info@travelalaskaoutdoors.com
internet: www.travelalaskaoutdoors.com

Alaska Wildland Adventures, Inc.
16520 Sterling Highway Cooper Landing AK 99572
phone:(907) 595-1279
fax: (907) 595-1428
email: kyle@alaska-wildland.com
internet: www.alaskawildland.com

Austin-Lehman Adventures, LLC
P.O. Box 81025 Billings MT 59108-1025
phone:(406) 655-4591
fax:(406) 651-9236
email: christy@austinlehman.com
internet: www.austinlehman.com

Backcountry Safaris
P.O. Box 231121 Anchorage AK 99523
phone:(907) 529-1935
fax:(907) 339-7230
email: ron@backcountrysafaris.com

801 Cedar Street Berkeley CA 94710
phone: (800) 462-2848
fax: (510) 527-9913
email: justin@backroads.com
internet: www.backroads.com

Deep Creek Fishing Club
P.O. Box 39410 Ninilchik AK 99639
phone: (800) 770-7373
fax: (907) 567-7320
email: captaincrusty@aol.com
internet: www.alaskafishinglodge.com

Exit Glacier Guides
P.O. Box 1812 Seward, AK 99664
phone: (907) 224-5081
email: exitglacierguides@yahoo.com
internet: www.exitglacierguides.com

Get Up and Go! Tours, LLC
4215 Spenard Road Anchorage AK 99517
phone: (907) 245-0795
fax: (907) 245-0795
email: geoff@getupandgotours.com
internet: www.getupandgotours.com

Great Alaska Fish Camp
33881 Sterling Highway, Sterling AK 99672
phone: (907) 544-2261
fax: (907) 262-8797
email: lj@greatalaska.com
internet: www.greatalaska.com

Great Alaska Safaris
33881 Sterling Highway, Sterling AK 99672
phone:(907) 262-4515
fax:(907) 262-8797
email: greatalaska@greatalaska.com
internet: www.greatalaska.com

Kayak Adventure Worldwide LLC
P.O. Box 2249 Seward AK 99664
phone: (907) 224-3960
fax: (907) 224-2255
email: fun@kayak.com

Natural Habitat Adventures
2945 Center Green Ct. Suite H. Boulder, CO 80303
phone: (303) 449-3711
fax: (303) 449-3712
email: jennifer@nathab.com
internet: www.nathab.com

Nichols Expeditions, Inc.
497 North Main Street Moab UT 84532
phone:(435) 259-3999
fax:(435) 259-2312
email: info@nicholsexpeditions.com
internet: www.nicholsexpeditions.com

Reiseagentur Brandner
Salierstaße 24 Fellbach Germany 70736
email: info@reiseagentur-brandner.de

Seward Windsong Lodge
P.O. Box 2301 Seward AK 99664
phone: (907) 224-7116
fax: (907) 224-7118
email: nhammond@ciri.com
internet: www.sewardwindsong.com

Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking Co.
P.O. Box 3332 Seward AK 99664
phone:(907) 224-8810
fax:(907) 224-8811
email: kayakak@alaska.net
internet: www.sunnycove.com

The World Outdoors
2840 Wilderness Place Suite D Boulder CO 80301
(303) 413-0946
(720) 289-0460
email: billm@theworldoutdoors.com
internet: www.theworldoutdoors.com

Did You Know?

Hoary Marmot

The Hoary Marmot is the largest member of the ground squirrels. These guys hibernate half or more of their life away. They have very thick fur and a substantial fat layer that protects them from the cold. You are not as likely to see them on hot days as they hide in the shade to keep cool.