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Bear Activity Update

Report Bear Encounters
If you have an encounter with a bear, report it to a park ranger as soon as possible or contact the Kenai Fjords Bear Management team. This will alert others and enable park staff to respond to the situation if necessary. Please include your current contact information in your message so we can reach you if we need additional information.

Chief of Resource Management
Phone: (907 ) 422-0546

Chief of Visitor and Resource Protection
Phone: (907) 422-0520

Information current as of 9/11/13.

Be sure to keep food secure, make your presence known, and carry bear spray if possible.

Date Location Activity
Aug 20 Exit Glacier campground Bear broke into vehicle in the campground parking lot. Secure all food in food storage locker, not in your vehicle!
Aug 20 Exit Glacier
Nature Center
Bear damaged and obtained garbage from trash cans around the Nature Center.
Aug 1 Exit Glacier - Harding Icefield Trail Black bear charged two visitors. No contact was made and bear retreated after charge. Please give bears space if you encounter them on trails.
July 25 Exit Glacier- paved trail Brown bear in area
July 17 Outside Park - Russian River A FYI for our park visitors who may be traveling elsewhere on the Kenai Peninsula (or for camping anywhere in bear country for that matter).
June 30 Exit Glacier campground Bear obtained trash at campground and investigated vehicle. Do not store food or scented items in your vehicle. Store in food storage locker.
June 23 Exit Glacier Brown bear with cubs huffed at visitors on lower trails while crossing the paved trail.
June 19 Holgate Arm, Aialik Bay Black bear pushed nose up against tent zipper while camper slept inside. Bear ran away after camper tapped it on it's nose. Be sure to wash hands before entering tent after handling food!
June 16 Exit Glacier Campground Bear investigated vehicle in campground parking lot. Left paw prints and scratches. Gained access to contents of trash cans. It is advisable to store food and scented items in food storage lockers!
June 10 Exit Glacier Campground Bear attempted to break into a parked car. Gained access to contents of trash cans.
June 10 Exit Glacier Two brown bears with cubs are in the Exit Glacier area.
June 1 Exit Glacier Black bears are out and about on the Harding Icefield Trail.
May 1 Exit Glacier Campground

First bear tracks of the season seen!

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