Bear Activity Update

Report Bear Encounters
If you have an encounter with a bear, report it to a park ranger as soon as possible or contact the Kenai Fjords Bear Management team. This will alert others and enable park staff to respond to the situation if necessary. Please include your current contact information in your message so we can reach you if we need additional information.

Chief of Resource Management
Phone: (907 ) 422-0546

Chief of Visitor and Resource Protection
Phone: (907) 422-0520

Information current as of 8/5/14.

Be sure to keep food secure, make your presence known, and carry bear spray if possible.

Date Location Activity
7/18/14 Exit Glacier Two black bears spotted on trails, surprised by visitors. Be sure to make noise as you hike to avoid surprising bears especially in dense vegetation and blind corners.
6/12/14 Marmot Meadows Brown Bear with two cubs bluff charged group of hikers on Harding Icefield Trail. No contact was made between hikers and bears. Bears ran away after charge. Give bears space and do not linger in an area a bear is using.
6/1/14 Exit Glacier Brown Bear with two cubs frequently spotted on the hillside near Exit Glacier.

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