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Park Staff film U.S. Geological Survey scientist Bruce Molnia aboard the M/V Serac.
U.S. Geological Survey scientist Bruce Molnia stands on bow of the M/V Serac, while being filmed for "Listening to the Ice," a short park film about the reduction in glacial ice found at Kenai Fjords.
NPS Photo

Do you want to visit the "last frontier" of Alaska, but can't make the trip? Love botany, wildlife, or the science of climate change, but stuck at desk? Now, you can learn about and enjoy the science and scenery of Kenai Fjords from your own home.

Check out these series of short videos.

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  • BEARS! - What do you do when you see a bear in the woods?
  • NPS Climate Change Response Program - Climate change is a one of the most serious issues facing our nations, and Kenai Fjords believes in doing our part to help.
  • Time-Lapse Photography - See many of the natural phenomenon of Kenai Fjords as they materialize through the lens of a time-lapse camera.




National Park Service: Climate Change Response Program




Time-Lapse Photography




Did You Know?

resident pod of Orca whales

“Killer whales” or orcas are actually quite friendly and often inquisitive about humans. In fact, the group of “resident killer whales” pictured here feeds entirely on fish. Only “transient killer whales” eat marine mammals. No wild killer whale has ever hurt a human being.