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Field Notes

Kenai Fjords National Park is a place of great wonder and beauty, but it is also a living laboratory for our planet. Scientist and researchers from across the U.S., and even internationally, travel to our park to study its flora, fauna, geologic processes, and weather. They look at how it all survives, thrives, fails, and changes.

Below are a series of videos that have been created over the years, collectively called, "Field Notes." They provide an in-depth look to what has been studied over the years at Kenai Fjords, and what it can tell us about our changing world.











Did You Know?

Dall's Porpoise

The Dall’s porpoise may be the fastest small cetacean on the planet. It has been reported to reach speeds of 30 knots. These creatures delight in riding the bow waves of tour boats in Kenai Fjords.