• Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park

    Kenai Fjords

    National Park Alaska

Reporting Requirements

Recreational use of backcountry areas, including Aialik and the Harding Icefield Trail appears to be growing every year, resulting in increased resource impacts. Registration allows us to collect information on visitor use that helps with park planning and management, such as determining where bear boxes are placed or where impact monitoring should be conducted. Registration also allows us an opportunity to give basic resource protection and safety information to ALL overnight visitors.

The Day Use Summary is required for all guided hiking on the Harding Icefield Trail and guided ice hiking on Exit Glacier.

The Voluntary Backcountry Registration (VBR) is required for all guided overnight trips anywhere in the park (does not include Exit Glacier Campground) OR any guided day trip in any coastal area of the park.

Did You Know?

Hoary Marmot

The Hoary Marmot is the largest member of the ground squirrels. These guys hibernate half or more of their life away. They have very thick fur and a substantial fat layer that protects them from the cold. You are not as likely to see them on hot days as they hide in the shade to keep cool.