• Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park

    Kenai Fjords

    National Park Alaska

Environmental Factors

View of Harding Icefield.
View of the Harding Icefield near Aialik Glacier.

Kenai Fjords is a land dominated by ice; the ice of the massive Harding Icefield. Its ice feeds the glaciers that shape the land. Its ice melts, feeds the rivers and streams, and eventually, the great Pacific Ocean. This nutrient-rich water brings life for plants and animals alike. It is what is unique and special about Kenai Fjords.

Kenai Fjords is committed to learning about this fantasic resource, and its effects on land and sea, flora and fauna. We are also committed to learning about how we are impacting it.

  • Climate Change - Learn about the challenges and impacts of climate change on Kenai Fjords National Park. Find out how we are responding to this global challenge.
  • Oceans - With the Pacific Ocean as our next door neighbor, Kenai Fjords is investigating the health of that enviroment.
  • Weather - The day to day temperature, our weather, is what tells us about the state of our climate. Find out what the data is telling us.

Did You Know?

River Otter

River otters defecate in certain spots to mark their territory. Researchers in Kenai Fjords National Park have discovered that these "latrine sites" enrich the soil, allowing plants to grow in those spots that aren't found anywhere else close by.