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Season's Farewells

August 14, 2013 Posted by: Sebastian Kratz, Robin McKnight, Michaela Headley

I have had such a great time working for the Park Service. I have learned so much and have gained skills I will use for the rest of life. I have met some amazing people and am truly glad that I got to share this experience with some of my friends. It has been a great summer.

-Sebastian Kratz, Interpretive YCC


I've had an amazing summer here at Kenai Fjords. I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to be a YCC. I learned so much about my local area. How did I not know these amazing things about the Seward area? Everyone was so helpful and fun to work with. Thank you all for a great season!

"Glacier recedes in front of me
I see the change occur
the park is not as it was."
-Ranger Bill Kane

"Fireweed blooms in the mist
I see the glacier reflecting it
the season is ending"
-Ranger Bill Kane

-Robin McKnight, Interpretive YCC


End of Season

Well for me anyway.

Working here at Kenai Fjords National Park has been a great experience, educationally and mentally. Through this program I've learned so much about wildlife/vegetation/and the glacier more than I would at home. Mentally, this job has helped me improve my people skills. They weren't very good, I'd say. Now they're better. Everyone have a fantastic rest of your summer!

-Michaela Headley, Interpretive YCC

KEFJ, Exit Glacier, YCC

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