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Resource Management staff often conduct research and field observations in areas of the park few others will ever see. Use this blog to discover new places and current research happening in Kenai Fjords National Park this summer.

Wading Through Wetlands

July 20, 2012 Posted by: William C. Clark

Wetland determinations and delineations require hard work bushwhacking through thick and thorny vegetation and once at your destination you may be greeted with swarms of biting insects. Read what it is like to dig into wetland soils and tromp around wet areas along the Exit Glacier Road corridor...


Did You Know?

Hoary Marmot

The Hoary Marmot is the largest member of the ground squirrels. These guys hibernate half or more of their life away. They have very thick fur and a substantial fat layer that protects them from the cold. You are not as likely to see them on hot days as they hide in the shade to keep cool.