Things To Know Before You Come

Like the marsh that surrounds them, the gardens are out in the open and unfenced. Children should be accompanied by an adult.

The visitor center and restrooms are mobility accessible, however, after a heavy rain the ground may have standing water, and the edges of the ponds may be soft. Use caution when walking.

While the pond area and trails are normally an easy walk, you may want to bring your own water in summer, or take advantage of the fountain by the visitor center during your stay. There are no vending machines in the park. If you are eating in the park, we ask that your bring your wrappers and other material home with you when you leave.

Wildlife is wild. That's what makes these animals special. Keeping at least ten feet between you and the animals will prevent injury to all. During our normal hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. mosquitoes are not normally feeding. Your chances of being bitten are reduced during this time.

Friendly dogs are allowed on a leash. Bikes must be walked.

A typical hot afternoon view of waterlilies.

A typical hot afternoon view of the water gardens.  Everything has closed.

park photo

Each summer many of our visitors are disappointed to find they have come too late in the day for open flowers. Flowers close when it gets above 89 or 90 degrees, and don’t open again until the next morning. To avoid pictures like the one here, come early in the day when flowers are at their best.


Did You Know?