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Located between the stormy north Pacific Ocean and the even stormier Bering Sea, the Katmai region is often a battleground between weather systems. When you visit, be prepared to encounter all types of weather.

On average, wet and cool conditions predominate in spring, summer, and fall. Summer temperatures range from the 30˚ to 80˚ Fahrenheit (-1˚ to 27˚ Celsius). Winters are drier and colder. Winter temperatures are even more variable than summer and can range anywhere from -35˚F to 50˚F (-37˚ to 10˚ C). Most ponds and lakes are frozen by mid to late fall and snow covers the higher elevations of the park until late May and early June. The Pacific coast of Katmai experiences cooler, wetter, and stormier conditions than the interior of the park. Strong wind are common all year. The National Weather Service forecast for King Salmon, AK can be found here.

Follow these tips to brave Katmai's tempestuous weather.
  • Bring high quality waterproof clothing: A reliably waterproof outer layer can keep you dry and make what would otherwise be a cold and miserable day into an enjoyable one.
  • Dress in layers: Start with a base layer to manage moister. Lightweight, wicking, and quick drying clothing works well for this. Wear an insulating layer such as a fleece next to trap warm air next to your body. Lastly, add a waterproof shell such as a rain jacket to shield you from the elements.
  • Keep your head and hands covered: Even during the relatively mild temperatures of summer, a warm hat and lightweight gloves can add significantly to your comfort level.

If you are looking for current weather conditions and forecasts, then explore these links:
National Weather Service Forecast for King Salmon
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Aviation Forecast Model for Alaska

Federal Aviation Administration Webcams for Southwest Alaska: Cams for King Salmon, Igiugig, Kokhanok, and Larsen Bay are most relevant to the Katmai region.
Alaska Volcano Observatory webcams especially those for Fourpeaked, Katmai, and Peulik.
Dumpling Mountain Cam from explore.rog

Other Products:
Alaska Ocean Observing System: Contains links to webcams, weather forecasts, tides, and more.

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Did You Know?

Sockeye salmon study

Scientists can tell the age of a fish by looking at its ear bone, called the otolith. Growth rings related to water temperature can be seen in the otolith and counted to give age.