• Large male brown bear at Brooks Falls


    National Park & Preserve Alaska

River Watch Cam

Location: Brooks Falls Wildlife Viewing Platform or the floating bridge at Brooks Camp.
When to Watch: July is the best time to watch bears fishing at Brooks Falls. When this stream is connected to the underwater cam, salmon and trout can be seen from July-September.
What to Look For: This camera provides a bear’s eye view of Brooks Falls and a trout’s eye view at the mouth of the Brooks River.

If you desire a more interactive experience, please head on over to our webcam partner's website, explore.org. They have all of the cams, plus chat and social media connections, and be sure to download the eBooks on Katmai’s bears. These books are free and have lots of photos of the bears, their life histories, videos, and maps. Questions? Browse the Bearcam Frequently Asked Questions.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Thick layers of ash and pumice cover several glaciers near the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. The ash and pumice insulate the glaciers and prevent melting while they flow down valley.