• Large male brown bear at Brooks Falls


    National Park & Preserve Alaska


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The Destination, the Journey and the Katmai 3-Step (.mp3, 8.71 MB, 19:02)
Bear Jam on the Corner (.mp3, 5.29 MB, 11:33)
Nursing Bear Cubs Purring (.mp4, 1.9 MB, 57 sec.)

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Katmai (NPS park film from 1979) (.mp4, 27.8 MB, 15:19)
The Forge of Vulcan (1979) (.mp4, 31.7 MB, 18:20)
Letting Go: The Art of Catch & Release (2005) (.mp4, 25.8 MB, 8:43)
Wolf Fishing for Salmon at Brooks Falls (July 8, 2007) (.mov, 11.4 MB, 0:43)

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Thick layers of ash and pumice cover several glaciers near the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. The ash and pumice insulate the glaciers and prevent melting while they flow down valley.