floating pumice

Pumice, a rock less dense than water, from the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes often rafts for dozens of miles across Naknek Lake.

NPS/M. Fitz

Katmai was declared a national monument in 1918 to preserve the living laboratory of the cataclysmic Novarupta-Katmai eruption, particularly the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Since then, Katmai has become significant for more than volcanoes.

Animals: From mighty brown bears and giant moose to curious fox and tiny fish named sticklebacks, Katmai hosts a grand assemblage of organisms.


Geology and Landscape Dynamics: Explore a landscape ruled by towering volcanoes, fierce weather, and a changing climate.


Species Lists: Search and download Katmai's species lists.


Wilderness: Katmai is a landscape where the nature can be wild.

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