• View of the Kalaupapa Peninsula


    National Historical Park Hawai'i

Fees & Reservations

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The National Park Service does not charge any entrance fees for admission to Kalaupapa National Historical Park. However, there are fees associated with transportation to the park if you ride a mule, or take a flight into Kalaupapa airport. Walking the pali (cliff) trail is free.

To be granted access to the park you must be part of a scheduled commercial tour, which charges a fee.

To learn more about modes of transportation to the park and associated costs visit our Directions page.

Did You Know?

Damien Statue

On April 15, 1969, exactly 80 years after his death, a statue of Father Damien was unveiled in Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol. An identical statue can also be found in front of Hawaii's State Capitol in Honolulu.