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Kalaupapa Dock Repair

The Kalaupapa dock bulkheads are near failure.
The Kalaupapa Dock bulkhead walls and toe structure are near failure and need repair.

The proposed project would stabilize and repair the failing bulkhead wall and toe structure located adjacent to the pier; and reconstruct/repair/stabilize the severely cracked and failing (in areas) concrete pier, and associated corroded/ failing mooring bitts and bollards. The EIS would also consider repair of the breakwater, constructing structures called “dolphins” to assist barge maneuverability, and small scale dredging of the harbor to provide access for a range of barge sizes.

Please view this PowerPoint presentation for more specific information regarding

this project:

Repair Dock Structures to Ensure Continued Barge Service

Here is the link to the project on the National Park Service planning website, PEPC:

Information on the relevant public meeting is here:

Did You Know?

Brother Dutton with Patients

Brother Joseph Dutton went to Molokai in 1886 to assist Father Damien and worked among the patients for 44 years. He kept the world posted on Kalaupapa, so his address book contained over 4000 names and bags of mail delivered to him sometimes weighed as much as 50 pounds.