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    National Historical Park Hawai'i

Natural Features & Ecosystems


Geology of Kalaupapa

Surrounded on three sides by rough ocean waters and cut off from the rest of Molokai island by 1,600 foot cliffs, the Kalaupapa Peninsula has always been one of the most remote places in Hawai'i. These features made Kalaupapa an ideal location to isolate Hansen's disease patients. The formation of the peninsula itself took hundreds of thousands of years to occur, and did so through many episodes of volcanic and geologic activity.

Learn more about the geologic events that created Kalaupapa peninsula.

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Water Quality Assessment

Because water is the most valuable resource we have, water quality steers the protection and management of Kalaupapa National Historical Park's natural features. Read the complete 2010 water quality assessment here.

Did You Know?

loulu palms

On the small islands of 'Okala and Huelo off the Kalawao coast are found loulu palms, the only native genus of palms, and the endemic pua'ala, which can be found only on the sea cliffs and off-shore islands of Moloka'i from Kalaupapa east to Halawa.