Kalaupapa Annual Report, 1929

Bureau of Leprosy

Work at Kalaupapa Settlement has progressed favorably during the year.

The clearing of lantana has been continued and the cleared land fenced and ploughed.

The dairy has not furnished the required amount of milk and due to drought it was necessary to stall feed the heard [sic].

A part of the old Federal Leprosarium at Kalawao, which was turned over to the Territory some years ago, has been torn down and the salvaged material hauled to Kalaupapa for use in repairing existing buildings.

During the year the telephone line to Kaunakakai has been completed overhauled and repaired.

A Diesel generating plant has been purchased for the purpose of furnishing electric power and lighting current in the Settlement. When the plant is completed and necessary wiring installed, all kerosene lamps will be removed, this safe-guarding the buildings from fire.

The Kalaupapa Store Revolving Fund was increased by $10,000 at the recent session of the Legislature, which will permit of the Store being conducted in an efficient manner [sic].

The McVeigh Home was destroyed by fire in November, fortunately without any loss of life, though the inmates suffered the loss of practically their entire personal effects, recompense being made by legislative action.

Until an abundant supply of water is provided in the Settlement, there will always exist the menace of fire which may cause extensive damage through lack of water for its control.

Excellent work has been accomplished by the Resident Physician and his assistant. Individual records of the patients have been prepared and progress notes kept in each case.

Regular clinics for the treatment of eye, nose and throat cases have been instituted.

It is hoped that an X-Ray may be obtained and installed during the coming year, which will greatly aid in proper diagnosis and treatment of cases.

Funds have been provided for the construction of a maternity ward for the observation of expectant mothers and their delivery.

Every effort has been made to afford relief to the patients, but it is to be noted that the cooperation and help in the past of patients has not been fully given. In many cases it is considered that this cooperation will have to be authoritatively demanded.

The physicians at the Settlement have been detailed temporarily at various periods during the year at Kalihi Hospital, in order to note and study the work at this hospital.

Annual Report of the President of the Board of Health of the Territory of Hawaii for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1929.

Hawai`i State Library Archives

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