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One of the favorite pastimes at Kalaupapa is to gather at the General Store and talk story! Many imaginative and colorful stories about Kalaupapa have been passed down through the years, both orally and written. The new NPS Curatorial Storage Builidng was completed in 2005 and provides protection and climate-controlled storage for the multitude of archival records and oral histories gathered throughout Kalaupapa's history for future generation access.

choir w/father damien
Choir with Father Damien
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Did You Know?

Pali Cliffs

Sea cliffs rising two thousand feet above the peninsula and ocean separate Kalaupapa from the rest of the island of Moloka'i. In 1972 this area was designated as the North Shore Cliffs National Natural Landmark, recognized as a significant example of sea cliffs in the nation's natural heritage.