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Repair of Bayview 6

Photo of Bayview 6 building propped up prior to repairs.
Bayview 6 building prior to repair.  That's right - park staff worked here while the porch and roof were supported with props.
NPS photo.

A recent major building rescue is Bayview 6. This building was constructed in 1917 and served as the dining hall for Bayview Home. The Kalaupapa settlement was organized into housing areas or "homes". Each home had dormitories, cottages, and a central kitchen & dining hall. Bayview 6 was the kitchen & dining hall for the Bayview Home.

Photo of damaged corner foundation of Building 6.

Detail of damage from age, weather and insects.

NPS photo.

After its use as the dining hall, Bayview 6 was used as an arts and crafts shop, an important physical therapy for the residents. The building was eventually transferred to the National Park Service and is now used for offices.

The repair project involves removal of the porch (or lanai in Hawaiian), repair of the concrete foundation posts, replacement of damaged beams and siding, and roof replacement.

Photo of current repairs on building Bayview 6

Bayview 6 being repaired.

Did You Know?

Mother Marianne Monument

Mother Marianne Cope nursed those suffering from leprosy in Hawai'i for 35 years. She arrived at Kalaupapa in 1888. Her philosophy of personal dignity in the face of death came almost a century before its adoption as the foundation of the hospice movement.