• Kaloko fishpond wall is over 800 ft long and spans a natural cove


    National Historical Park Hawai'i

Ocean & Coastline

Living By The Ocean

Imagine how the people who lived here used the ocean and its resources. Just like them, you can enjoy the coastal views, take a tidal pool walk or watch a beautiful sunset along the seashore. Fishing and gathering of some ocean resources are allowed - guided by State of Hawaii regulations.

Ocean Awareness

Remember, the ocean is part of nature and can be dangerous and unpredictable at times. Prepare for a safe visit around the ocean. Be aware of and attentive to slippery surfaces, wave movement, tidal fluctuations, and other changing elements. There are NO LIFEGUARDS. Check with the Hale Ho`okipa Visitor Center for the latest information about ocean currents, high surf warnings or weather advisories when planning your ocean activities.

Did You Know?

pohuehue growing along the shoreline

Did you know the pohuehue is the beach morning glory native to Hawaii. It was used for fishing and medicines. Its lavender flowers open each morning and close by the afternoon.