• Kaloko fishpond wall is over 800 ft long and spans a natural cove


    National Historical Park Hawai'i

Park Planning


The Park 1994 General Management Plan and Final E.I.S.; view the plan as a pdf file.

Download the plan as a pdf file (large file)

The Park General Management Plan and Final E.I.S. Record of Decision, 9 December 1994; view as a pdf file.


The area included within the park was first proposed and designated as the Honokohau Settlement National Historic Site. View the 1962 proposal for a NHS. View the 1970 designation as a NHS.

Shortly after the park purchased the Honokohau Iki lands in the Aiopio Pond area, a group brought suit against the U. S. seeking ownership of the lands. The park prevailed in this suit. View the U.S District Court decision.

The case was appealed and again the park prevailed. View the Court of Appeals decision.

Important Park Documents Related to Park Management:

Fire Management EA

Firearms Information


Did You Know?

konane game board with lava and coral game pieces

Did you know the game of Konane is similar to checkers in the way the pieces are moved on the game board and similar to chess in that the winner is the player who is able to make the final move. Chiefs would sometimes use the game to settle disputes.