• Kaloko fishpond wall is over 800 ft long and spans a natural cove


    National Historical Park Hawai'i


tidepool shells and limu
Low tide exposes tidepools' variety of shells and limu.
Bryan Harry photo

The lava outcrops extending into the sea contain many pools of different depths and sizes that form a specialized habitat for a variety of marine organisms. These pools have a direct connection with the ocean and can be covered by crashing waves or left to evaporate completely during times of low tide and small surf, leaving only salt behind. In the tidepools you may find sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and various kinds of seaweed. These protected pools also serve as important nursery grounds for young reef fish. Remember to exercise caution when exploring, rocks can be wet and slippery and large waves may appear at anytime. Observe tidepools with your eyes and take care not to disturb the natural habitat of the animals that live in them.

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