• Anza Trail

    Juan Bautista de Anza

    National Historic Trail AZ,CA

Alternatives by County

Sample map of San Francisco County from Anza Trail 1996 Comprehensive Management Plan

Sample map from Anza Trail 1996 Comprehensive Management and Use Plan


County Maps and Plans

These files are from the Anza Trail 1996 Comprehensive Management and Use Plan Appendix C. The documents include county maps and information within each county such as the historic route, federal components, historic sites, high potential route segments, interpretive sites, recreational trail opportunities, recommended marked auto route, agency-organization coordination, and the points of interest. The list below is organized from south to north as the trail passes through each county from Nogales, Arizona to the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Appendix C: Alternatives by County (introduction)


Did You Know?

The Anza Trail stretches from Nogales, Arizona to San Francisco, California

18th century Spanish military leader Juan Bautista de Anza, who led the expedition along the Anza Trail, was called 'Anza' when alive. About 100 years ago, someone mistakenly started calling him 'De' Anza. Use of the incorrect 'De Anza' name is rampant across the southwest on schools, parks, streets, and businesses. More...