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Alta California Here We Come! One-Day Curriculum for Grades 3-4: The curriculum is a 45-60 minute lesson. Using a PDF PowerPoint program and a worksheet map, students experience the 1776 Anza Expedition challenges and learn how to trace their route on a map.



Teaching the Anza Trail - Five-day Curriculum for Grades 3-4: The curriculum has five 1-hour lesson plans that can be completed consecutively or separately. Each student role plays as one of the 1776 Anza Expedition members and experiences the journey through a variety of activities and reflections.

Google Earth Anza Trail SF, CA

Google Earth

An Expedition of Change - High School World Geography: The curriculum lesson plan has three components and culminates with students developing a tour based on the Anza Trail Google Earth file. Lesson One and Three are conducted in the classroom. Lesson Two is an outdoor component and can be conducted during a neighborhood walk, trail hike, or on the school grounds.

Drama Project

Children's Drama Project
Bring the story of the Anza Expedition to life with these three children's plays which include instructions for costumes and props.

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