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Teaching the Anza Trail



Teaching the Anza Trail: Five-day Curriculum for Grades 3-4 The curriculum has five 1-hour lesson plans that can be completed consecutively or separately. Each student role plays as one of the 1776 Anza Expedition members and experiences the journey through a variety of activities and reflections.

The list below includes the lesson plans, background information, and activity cards in PDF files. For more information or suggestions, contact the Anza Trail staff at (510) 817-1323.


Samlpe of an Expedition Member Activity Card




Day 1- Horcasitas to Gila River

Day 2 - Gila River to the Colorado River

Day 3 - Colorado River to San Gabriel Mission

Day 4 - San Gabriel Mission to San Luis Obispo Mission

Day 4 - Activity Cards A&B

Day 4 - Activity Cards C&D

Day 4 - Activity Card E

Day 5 - San Luis Obispo Mission to Monterey Presidio and San Francisco

Expedition Members - 15 years later

Student Workbook

Background Information

Additional Lesson Plans

Expedition Members Identification Activity Cards 1-12

Expedition Members Identification Activity Cards 13-24

Expedition Members Identification Activity Cards 25-37

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