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An Expedition of Change

Google Earth Anza Trail SF, CA

Google Earth screen shot of the Anza Trail in San Francisco

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An Expedition of Change - High School World Geography: The curriculum lesson plan has three components and culminates with students developing a tour based on the Anza Trail Google Earth file. Lesson One and Three are conducted in the classroom. Lesson Two is an outdoor component and can be conducted during a neighborhood walk, trail hike, or on the school grounds.

The list below includes the lesson plan, each lesson, all the lessons together in one file titled "Entire Curriculum," and a link to the Anza Trail Google Earth file. For more information or suggestions, contact the Anza Trail staff at (510) 817-1323.

Lesson Plan

Lesson One - Immigration, Geographer Tools, Spanish Colonialism, Resouces list

Lesson Two - Trail Exploration, Trail Safety Guidelines, Student Trail Worksheet, Compass & Topo Map Activities, Teacher Trail Summary

Lesson Three - Google Earth Tour Project

Entire Curriculum - All lesson files

Anza Trail Google Earth file (for further instructions, visit the Anza Trail Park Home page)

Did You Know?

Anza by Bill Singleton, Pima Co. Copyright

Ever worry you'll be forgotten by history? Spaniard Juan Bautista de Anza almost was. In 1775 he led more than 240 colonists to California to found San Francisco. Spain lost California to Mexico, which lost it to the United States. Luckily, in the 1930s historian Herbert Bolton saved Anza from obscurity. More...