• Sunrise at the Cholla Cactus Garden

    Joshua Tree

    National Park California

Human Waste & Trash

pit toilet

Human Waste
Please use the toilets located near most crags. If you can't, follow these guidelines:

#1 Urinate on rocks, not plants, because animals will defoliate plants and dig up soil to get to the salt deposited with your urine.

#2 Bury the brown stuff in a four-to-six-inch hole dug in a sunny place at least 200 feet from water, washes, rock shelters, climbing routes, and bouldering problems. Wildlife will dig up soiled toilet tissue, so bring a bag and pack it out.

Trash: Pack it out, even if it isn't yours.

It's easy to carry an extra bag for trash. A quick visual sweep of an area is a good way to ensure that you are not forgetting anything.

It can take up to 18 years for a cigarette to decompose in the desert. Orange peels, apple cores, pistachio shells, tape, fruit stickers, and the sock you sacrificed are all trash.

Did You Know?

Fault map of the park

Joshua Tree is crisscrossed with hundreds of faults, and is a great place to see raw rocks and the effects of earthquakes. The famous San Andreas Fault bounds the south side of the park and can be observed from Keys View. More...