• close-up of red cactus flowers blooming among sharp spines

    Joshua Tree

    National Park California

Highlining & Slacklining

Highlining at the Hall of Horrors
NPS/Judy Finses

Highlining and slacklining are increasingly popular activities in Joshua Tree that involve balancing and walking along a length of webbing stretched between two anchor points. For safety, highliners should wear a climbing harness leashed to the main line. To protect park resources, and especially Joshua trees, please observe the following rules:

  • Slacklines may be attached to rocks, but not to vegetation. Joshua trees have shallow root systems and cannot handle the torque that a tight line requires.
  • Slacklines are not permitted in campgrounds because of safety concerns and damage to park resources. Improperly placed slacklines have broken picnic tables, toppled Joshua trees, and dislodged bulletin boards.
  • Unattended slacklines and fixed lines will be removed by rangers and the owner will be cited.

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