• dusting of snow on Joshua trees and mountains near Juniper Flat

    Joshua Tree

    National Park California

Mountain Biking

Bike riding in the park is restricted to roads open to vehicles. The park’s Backcountry and Wilderness Management Plan designates approximately 29 miles of trails for non-motorized bike use, however, the new trails cannot be used until Congress gives its approval. In the meanwhile, the park's backcountry roads offer opportunities to explore many areas.

Biking Safety

  • Carry plenty of water, at least one gallon per person per day—two for extended or uphill trips.

  • Wear a helmet. If you take a spill your brain will thank you.

  • Ride with caution: Park roads are narrow with sandy shoulders, bumps, and potholes.

  • Watch for RVs and trucks with extended side-view mirrors.

  • Wear reflective clothing after dark.

Did You Know?