• a bladderpod shrub covered in yellow flowers, with mountains in the background

    Joshua Tree

    National Park California

Day Hikes

Trail Roundtrip Description

49 Palms
3 miles
4.8 km
Several stands of fan palms and pools of water are found at the oasis Moderately strenuous with a 300-foot elevation gain, twice!

Lost Horse Mine/Mtn. 4 miles
6.4 km
Site of ten-stamp mill. Summit = 5,278 feet (1,609m) Moderately strenuous

Lost Palms
7.2 miles
11.6 km
Canyon with numerous palm stands Moderate A side trip to Victory Palms and Munsen Canyon involves scrambling.

3 miles
4.8 km
Excellent views of the Eagle Mountains and Salton Sea. Summit = 3,371 feet (1,027m) Strenuous

3 miles
4.8 km
Excellent views of Lost Horse, Queen, and Pleasant valleys Summit = 5,461 feet (1,664m). Strenuous

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