• close-up of red cactus flowers blooming among sharp spines

    Joshua Tree

    National Park California

Filming Locations

The following locations are available for commercial filming at Joshua Tree National Park. Choosing one of these areas will usually provide a smooth and speedy application process. You may contact the special park use coordinator at 760-367-5545 with any questions.
Cap Rock

Cap Rock

  • Parking area provides beautiful views of rocks and Joshua trees
  • Popular location for still, fashion shoots
  • Can shoot close-in for the rocks or wide angle to include the trees
  • Rock climbing shots available here

Hidden Valley Picnic Area
Hidden Valley Picnic Area
  • Perfect for rock climbing shots
  • Close-in view shows majestic appearance of the area
  • Many sites can be found in this location.
  • Offers boulders, trees, and panoramic views
Live Oak Picnic Area
Live Oak Picnic Area
  • Offers a variety of backgrounds
  • A very private and popular location
  • Can shoot next to or within the boulder fields
  • Numerous panoramic views with rock inserts

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