• Sunrise at the Cholla Cactus Garden

    Joshua Tree

    National Park California

Scientific Names U to Z

Scientific Names V
*synonyms indicated with an asterisk
Verbena lasiostachys var. lasiostachys
Viguiera parishii* (under Bahiopsis parishii)
Vulpia bromoides* (under Festuca bromoides)
Vulpia microstachys var. pauciflora* (under Festuca microstachys)
Vulpia octoflora var. hirtella* (under Festuca octoflora)
Vulpia octoflora var. octoflora* (under Festuca octoflora)
Scientific Names Y
Yucca brevifolia
Yucca schidigera
Scientific Names Z
*synonyms indicated with an asterisk
Zeltnera exaltata
Zigadenus brevibracteatus* (under Toxicoscordion brevibracteatum)
Ziziphus obtusifolia var. canescens
Ziziphus parryi var. parryi

Did You Know?

Red Spotted Toad

The red-spotted toad is a true denizen of the desert, where it spends most of its life underground. Found from one end of the park to the other, it appears after good, soaking rains. More...