• Sunrise at the Cholla Cactus Garden

    Joshua Tree

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  • Cottonwood Trails Closed

    Trail access remains closed to Cottonwood Spring Oasis, Lost Palms Oasis, and Mastodon Peak. More »

  • Pinto Basin Road Under Construction; Expect 30+ Minute Travel Delays

    Visitors should expect 30+ minute waits when heading north and sound bound on the Pinto Basin Road. Due to construction activity around Cottonwood Visitor Center, additional waits of 30 minutes may be in place when leaving the visitor center parking lot. More »

  • Deteriorating conditions of Black Rock Canyon Road

    The road leading to Black Rock campground has deep potholes, is deeply rutted, and can be difficult to negotiate, especially in large vehicles. Please drive with caution.

Painted Lady

Family Nymphaliae (Brush-footed)
Genus & Species Vanessa cardui
Painted Lady
Description upper side has tawny ground color, wing base is brown, oval white spot on forewing, black bar on forewing, hind wing has submarginal white spots; underwings have complex pattern; 2 to 2.5-inch wingspan
Food thistles, mallow, yellow fiddleneck, sunflowers
Life History multiple broods; egg pale green, barrel-shaped; laid singly. Caterpillar varies from chartreuse with black marbling to purplish with yellow back stripe
Habitat parkwide
Conservation Status common
Where to look Wilson Canyon, Jumbo Rocks, Indian Cove
Notes The number of immigrants fluctuates greatly from one year to the next. Unlike the Monarch’s annual round-trip outings, the movements of the Painted Lady are essentially one-way.

Did You Know?

49 Palms Oasis

Five of North America's 158 desert fan palm oases are located in Joshua Tree National Park, where fault lines force water to the surface. More...