Multimedia Presentations

Scaffolding build for a filming platform

Several Hollywood movies have been filmed in Joshua Tree National Park.

NPS Photo

A film crew set up atop boulders

Large boulders serve as both subjects and filming platforms in the park.

NPS Photo

Many film and TV productions have taken place in and around Joshua Tree National Park. It is easy to understand why these deserts are a highly sought after filming destination. The surreal landscapes, cotton candy skies, diverse wildlife, and powerful imagery found here are recognized around the globe.

Filming permits are available to those conducting commercial shoots. Personal photography and video does not require a permit.

Browse the videos below to explore a variety of park-produced media projects showcasing Joshua Tree National Park.

Short Films
A selection of videos with audio description are also available.


Keys Ranch Virtual Tour
If you aren't able to attend a ranger-led Keys Ranch guided walking tour in person, visit virtually with this three-part series that explores what drew Bill Keys to this area, how his family grew, and how they made a life in this harsh desert environment. These videos are also available with audio description.

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