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John Muir National Historic Site

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1. Please do not leave visible items in your car regardless of where you are parking. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

2. Uneven Terrain –The main John Muir National Historic Site park property has paved paths throughout. However, if you wander off the paths and into the orchards, the terrain can be uneven. Please be cautious of where you walk. Rain can cause holes and slippery conditions.

3. Sunblock is important when exploring outside park areas.

4. Please do not climb the trees – They often have weak branches and could cause a fall.

5. Please remember to use handrails when available. Steps can be slippery due to weather conditions and moisture.

Mount Wanda

Mount Wanda is a part of the John Muir National Historic Site, which comprises 326 acres of hills, nature and hiking trails. There is no visitor center and no ranger station on Mount Wanda. Rangers and volunteers are not always present. Please follow these safety guidelines.

1.Water and Sunblock –There is no available drinking water on Mount Wanda. Please remember to bring your own, as the hike can be long and somewhat steep before making it to the top. Sunblock is important as well.

2. Be aware of Poison-Oak, which grows along the natural terrain in some areas.

3.Ticks –Always be aware that there are ticks in most natural/wild areas. Remember to check yourself for ticks after any hike.

4.TrailsTrails on Mount Wanda are steep, unpaved and uneven, and can be slippery, muddy, or dusty depending on the weather. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing while hiking.

5. Please report any suspicious activities to the visitor center at 925-228-8860, ext. 6420

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