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Things To Know Before You Come

Orchards at the John Muir NHS
John Muir grew many different types of fruit and nut trees on his 2,600-acre ranch. The orchard is now only within the 9-acre park area, and is maintained by our park staff. During the year, many of our fruit trees produce fruit, and many visitors are tempted to reach up and pick a pear or plum. While we allow visitors to take home a small amount of fruit, we prefer that you pick the fruit that has already fallen. This is to protect our trees from undue wear and tear. If you want to pick fruit from the trees, please ask for assistance from a Ranger or Volunteer.

Ranger Matt Holmes giving a tour

Large Group and School Group Tours
We love to share our knowledge and the history of John Muir and this park. If you are bringing a large group and would like a guided tour by one of our rangers, it is necessary to let us know in advance. Teachers need to contact the visitor center in order to receive the introductory packet for school groups. Scheduling in advance helps us to keep your National Park staffed safely and appropriately.


Trail on Mount Wanda

Getting Around
There are paved pathways through the 9 acres of orchards which surround the Muir home. Transportation will be provided to visitors who are unable to walk up to the Muir home. John Muir NHS is for pedestrians only, no bicycles or motor vehicles are allowed in the park. Mt. Wanda is accessible for pedestrians, mountain bikers and horses. The single track nature trail is for pedestrians only. Parking for Mt. Wanda is at the Cal-Trans Park and Ride lot at the corner of Franklin Canyon Rd. and Alhambra Ave. A note to hikers: You can only access the main John Muir NHS property (not Mount Wanda) through the Visitor Center on Alhambra Avenue.


John Muir Historic Home

Exploring Historic Buildings
To help protect the Strentzel-Muir home and the Martinez Adobe, as well as the artifacts each contains, pets, food, drinks (water in a sealed container is an exception), or natural materials such as plants are not allowed. Strollers are also not permitted and should be left outside the buildings.
The visitor center offers accessible restrooms and a captioned film. An easy access path offers a less steep route for visitors to reach the Strentzel-Muir house. For visitors who are unable to walk to the house, a ranger will gladly provide transportation via a golf cart. A wheelchair lift allows access to the home's first floor. The wheelchair lift has a 500-lb combined weight limit for each person and his or her wheelchair. Please contact the park if you have any questions or need additional information. A non-motorized wheelchair is available for use on a first-come, first-served basis . Motorized scooters are not permitted in the Strentzel-Muir house or the Martinez Adobe due to the hazards of uneven surfaces and to protect the integrity of these historic buildings. The first floor of the Martinez Adobe and Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail exhibit is also accessible from the south side. ADA approved picnic tables are available as well.

John Muir National Historic Site is for pedestrians only; no bicycles or motor vehicles are allowed in the park. Mount Wanda is accessible for pedestrians, mountain bikers and horses. The single track nature trail is for pedestrians only. Parking for Mount Wanda is at the Cal-Trans Park and Ride lot at the corner of Franklin Canyon Rd. and Alhambra Ave.

Camping And Picnicking
Camping is not allowed on either the John Muir National Historic Site or Mount Wanda. However, you may bring a picnic lunch and enjoy our sites during operating hours (or before sundown on Mount Wanda). There are picnic tables at John Muir National Historic site and on Mount Wanda. It is required for visitors to take all supplies and trash with them after using the picnic areas.

Bringing Your Pet
You may bring your pet to the John Muir National Historic Site, and on Mount Wanda. However, all pets must be on a leash. Please know that no pets are allowed inside the John Muir home or the Martinez, Adobe. Please be mindful of other guest while watching your pets.
The Mediterranean climate of Martinez features hot, dry summers with lower temperatures near 60º F and upper temperatures near 100º F. The heat gives way to cool, rainy winters with lows near 45º F and highs near 75º F. Fall and spring can bring rain and temperatures from 55-80º F.
For current weather information, please click here: Weather Information
Lodging, restaurants, and gas stations are within walking distance of the park, as well as in nearby towns. You may contact the Martinez Chamber of Commerce for more information at www.martinezchamber.com or (925) 228-2345. An internet search of Martinez, CA will also show available lodging and businesses.

Suggested Reading
You may like to read "Son of the Wilderness, The Life of John Muir", written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Linnie Marsh Wolfe, which is required reading for all rangers and volunteers at John Muir NHS. The only book John Muir ever wrote for children is the story he told his two daughters around the dining room table. That story of a small black dog with a big curly tail and an even bigger heart is called: "Stickeen".

Books Written By John Muir

Picturesque California 1888
Mountains of California 1894
Our National Parks 1901
Stickeen 1909
E.H. Harriman 1911
My First Summer In The Sierra 1911
The Yosemite 1912
The Story Of My Boyhood And Youth 1913
Travels In Alaska 1915
A 1000-Mile Walk To The Gulf 1916
Cruise Of The Corwin 1917
Steep Trails 1918

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

"It appears, therefore, that Hetch Hetchy Valley, far from being plain, common rockbound meadow, as many who have not seen it seem to supose, is a grand landscape garden, one of Nature's rarest and most precious mountain temples." THE YOSEMITE, John Muir