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    John Muir

    National Historic Site California


Native Grasses only

Poacaeae (Grass)
Spike Redtop Agrostis exarata
California Brome Bromus carinatus
Blue Wild Rye Elymus glaucus
Giant Wild Rye Leymus codensatus
Creeping Wild Rye Leymus triticoides
California Melic Melica californica
Torrey Melic Melica torreyana
Foothill Needlegrass Nasella lepida
Purple Needlegrass Nasella pulchra
One-sided Bluegrass Poa secunda
Few-flowered fescue Vulpia microstachys

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

John Muir not only has a National Historic Site and Muir Woods National Monument named for him, but schools, hospitals, plants, a rock type, a mammal, a bird, a butterfly, trails, a pass, a glacier, a wilderness area, a beach, an inlet, a mountain, and he's even on the 2005 California state quarter!