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A goal of the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) program is to provide a safe, educational, and enjoyable work experience. The YCC program offers an opportunity to youth to gain professional experience, training, and skills that will prepare them for the U.S. workforce.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The National Park Service (NPS) preserves and protects our nation’s natural and cultural heritage. Through the YCC program, the NPS promotes awareness of conservation through hands-on work experience. The program introduces youth to careers in the NPS, such as landscape management, historic preservation, facilities maintenance, biological sciences, and wildland restoration. YCC members will report to John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, CA to perform duties at various national parks in the Bay Area, including Rosie the Riveter / WWII National Historical Park, Pinnacles National Park and Golden Gate National Recreation Area, among others. YCC members will receive extensive training in professionalism, safety, First Aid/CPR, proper tool-use, and conservation careers.

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT: 8 weeks: June 20th - August 12th, 2016


♦ Must be 15 1/2 years old by the first day of work and cannot turn 19 during period of employment.
♦ Must commit to the entire 8 weeks of the program.
♦ Must be able to perform physical outdoor work activities.
♦ Employees absent for 3 or more work days are subject to be released from the program.
♦ Must be a permanent resident of the United States, or its Territories or possessions.
♦ Must attend a mandatory orientation on Saturday, June 6th 2015, 9:00AM – 12:00PM.
♦ Youth who have participated in the YCC program before are no longer eligible.

California State Minimum Wage, $9.00 per hour.

HOURS: Work hours are 7:00am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday, 40 hours per week. Employees will NOT be required to work weekends or on federal government holidays.


1. Currently not accepting applications, please check back, shortly.

No exceptions will be granted for the due date. Mail or drop off all application materials to the following address. Open 7 days a week, 10 am to 5pm.

John Muir National Historic Site
YCC Program Manager
4202 Alhambra Ave
Martinez. CA 94553

For more information call: 925-228-8860, ext. 6341

*Applications may also be picked up at the above location or call to have application materials sent to you.
The National Park Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is a YCC regulation that selections be made randomly. Applicants will be notified of selection results by (To be determined).

Additional Important Information

Work Conditions: YCC work will involve the maintenance of roads, trails, equipment, buildings and grounds. Some youth will be expected to use small equipment such as mowers, weed whacker, and leaf blowers. Some lifting, not to exceed 45lbs, on an occasional basis is required. The terrain in some of the remote locations can get steep and rough. The summer temperatures can be hot and dry for extended periods of time. Sharp tools are used on a regular basis. The work site is often dusty and exposure to pollen is likely. The sites, many being in natural areas, contain all the elements that nature can offer, such as poison oak, biting and stinging insects, snakes, and other wildlife. Efforts through education, planning, scheduling and first aid remedies will limit exposure to these conditions, but they are not completely avoidable.

Because this job opportunity is considered entry level and non-competitive, no specific skills are required. YCC members will be trained, supervised, and will regularly work with qualified park staff ensuring that all safety and operational standards are followed. YCC members will be instructed in the use of all required tools and safety procedures. All safety equipment will be provided by the park, except appropriate footwear and attire.
Selectee will not earn paid vacation time. With the exception of federal holidays, such as Fourth of July, any time off will be non-paid and subject to approval by the Program Managers on a case-by-case basis.

Lodging, meals and transportation (to and from work) are not provided. It is a daily responsibility of the YCC member to make transportation arrangements and to provide their own lunch. For safety reasons, employees who do not bring their own lunch will be sent home and subject to release from the program if the problem persists.

Partial uniforms (t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts) will be provided.
To work, selectees will be required to provide and wear the following:
Comfortable work boots (no sneakers, slippers or sandals)
Long pants (no loose or baggy pants)
Lunch and water, daily

Important: Before being accepted, a phone meeting is required and will be scheduled to discuss the program requirements and answer any questions. Selectees are also required to attend an on-site orientation on the date indicated on Page 1.


YCC and ranger Tad Shay

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