• A view of the South and North abutments of the South Fork Dam.  The Visitor Center, Unger House, and Spring House are visible in the background.  As is visible, a spur railroad line connects coal trains with the main line of the railroad.

    Johnstown Flood

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

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Friends of the Johnstown Flood National Memorial

We are a non-proft corporation under the laws of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to help the Johnstown Flood National Memorial in their endeavors to tell the story of the worst inland water disasters in this nation, the 1889 Johnstown Flood. We have turned over our properties in the National Register Historic District to the National Park Service, so that they can be saved for future generations. We now work as park volunteers, fund raisers for special projects, hosts of adult education and book discussion groups, researchers, and do many other special projects. The Johnstown Flood is YOUR STORY and YOU can be a part of this endeavor. You don't necessarily have to be a history buff (though it helps!) to successfully contribute to this group. Please read our Friends Brochure for details or visit our website at http://www.friendsofjohnstownflood.org All of our meetings are open to anyone interested!

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