• A view of the South and North abutments of the South Fork Dam.  The Visitor Center, Unger House, and Spring House are visible in the background.  As is visible, a spur railroad line connects coal trains with the main line of the railroad.

    Johnstown Flood

    National Memorial Pennsylvania


For People with Mobility Impairments:

  • The following visitor facilities are fully accessible to wheelchair users: (visitor center, first floor and basement of Unger House (only during Ranger programs), the top of the ruins of the dam of the south side (South Abutment), the picnic area (above the south side of the dam), and the first floor of Club House.
  • Accessible bathrooms are located in the visitor center, and at the picnic area.
  • One wheelchair is available for loan at the visitor center, free of charge.
  • The following trails and walkways are paved: the north side of the ruins of the dam (North Abutment), although it has a slightly gradual incline.
  • The following trails and walkways are unpaved, but accessible: the top of the ruins of the south side (South Abutment), although, the South Abutment trail is not accessible.

For People with Hearing Impairments:

  • The visitor center film has closed captions.

For People with Sight Impairments:

  • At the visitor center, a tactile model of the Lake Conemough/South Fork Dam/ Unger Farm historic scene. The model features three sound components with narratives.

Did You Know?