• A view of the South and North abutments of the South Fork Dam.  The Visitor Center, Unger House, and Spring House are visible in the background.  As is visible, a spur railroad line connects coal trains with the main line of the railroad.

    Johnstown Flood

    National Memorial Pennsylvania


The park contains a mix of wetlands, wet meadows and forest habitats. The wetlands are found in the historic, former lakebed near the banks of the South Fork of the Little Conemaugh River. Wet meadows fill the remainder of what was once Conemaugh Lake. Some of the native wetland and wet meadow plants include steeplebush, blue vervain, monkey flower and boneset. The slopes above the former lakebed are forested, with black cherry and oak trees forming a canopy over understory plants such as alternate leaved dogwood, violets and ferns.

Did You Know?

Memory Jar, Johnstown Flood Museum

People made Memory Jars from items collected among the ruins after the 1889 Flood. There is one such Memory Jar on display at the Johnstown Flood Museum.