• A view of the South and North abutments of the South Fork Dam.  The Visitor Center, Unger House, and Spring House are visible in the background.  As is visible, a spur railroad line connects coal trains with the main line of the railroad.

    Johnstown Flood

    National Memorial Pennsylvania

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Once the site of a 450-acre lake, Johnstown Flood National Memorial is now an empty lakebed bordered by rolling hills, farmlands and towns. Woodlands, wet meadows, managed fields, and the South Fork of the Little Conemaugh River make up the landscape today. As a memorial the pastoral setting is appropriate, but stands in contrast to the tumultuous nature of what the landscape must have been that fateful day in 1889 when the dam burst.

Did You Know?

Clara Barton

The Flood provided the newly formed American Red Cross under the leadership of Clara Barton with its first test. Barton and her staff of 50 doctors and nurses arrived in Johnstown five days after the flood.