Lesson Plan

Johnstown Flood Museum: Museum Tour

Exterior view of the historic Johnstown Flood Museum.
Exterior view of the historic Johnstown Flood Museum.
Johnstown Area Heritage Association.
Grade Level:
Kindergarten-Sixth Grade
Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), History
30 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 60
National/State Standards:
Pennsylvania Standard 1.6.5
Pennsylvania Standard 9.1


Students can view exhibits, including artifacts, about the 1889 flood.


For students to learn about the disaster by viewing artifacts and museum exhibits.


A partnership was formed with the Johnstown Flood National Memorial and the Johnstown Area Heritage Association. Out of this partnership and interdisciplinary curriculum based program about the Great Johnstown Flood of 1889 was created. This provides a complete educational experience telling the story of the Johnstown Flood. This program takes the student from the story's beginnings-the South Fork Dam and the Clubhouse of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club to the story's end-disaster, relief and rebuilding of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


After the film, students will be escorted back to the exhibit floor. Accompanied by the docent, students will travel through a timeline of exhibits which showcase Johnstown before, during, and after the flood. Then, accompanied with paper, pencil, and a clipboard, students will locate one artifact in the museum. They will then sketch a drawing of what they found and write a brief description of that artifact and its significance to the event.